Recreating the sound bath experience on a mobile device


Research - User Interviews, Ethnographic Research, Competitive Analysis, Literature Review, Stakeholder Interviews

Design - Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design


Gabrielle Hope
Mobile App Hero

The Challenge

Soundembrace was one of the first Sound Bath experiences in Atlanta. A Sound Bath is a meditative experience that uses specialized bowls to produce sound waves. Our client wanted to take this in-person experience and take it to a mobile app.

When working with first-time founders, one of the main challenges is helping them understand the concept of Minimum Viable (or Desirable) Products (MVP). Founders need to focus on what delivers the most significant value to users instead of putting all aspects of their current brand in the application.

We worked with our client to do just that by creating an MVP that focused on safety, education, and recreating the experience that would help people heal.

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The Approach

We launched the project with a brand sprint where we helped the client analyze and identify her deeper why, core values, and where she wanted her company to sit amongst competitors. These early brand decisions guided all of our work.

From there, we kicked off research. Since Sound Baths were such a new topic, we decided that the best way to learn was by attending a couple of sessions. In some as a participant and others as a pure observer. These sessions helped us develop the main goals for the application while putting other features such as playlists and food tracking on the back burner. Additionally, we listened to participants' reflections, a live Q&A, and interview participants after the session.

Following research went to work on creating user flows, wireframes, and visual design choices to present to the client. Usability testing throughout helped inform all of our decisions.

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What We Delivered

We were able to deliver to the development team an application that allowed users to

  • Learn about sound healing through a step by step educational program
  • Find Soundbath experiences by type
  • Save favorite Soundbaths
  • Launch an interactive listening experience

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